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Enable compression for default on my all domains on plesk - Nginx ?

Plesk Panel 11 Linux introduces Nginx heres what Plesk details about the Nginx component.

[+] (Only for Linux) Improve web server performance with nginx 1.3. Administrators can improve the work of the web server which hosts customer websites by installing nginx, a supplementary high-performance web server specifically designed for delivering large amounts of static content.  Plesk Panel 11 Linux introduces Nginx
The system will configure this server to work as a reverse proxy – nginx becomes a frontend web server that processes all incoming requests from site visitors. The requests are sent to Apache which, in turn, distinguishes requests for static and dynamic content. If a request is for a static file (like jpg, css, html, and so on), Apache passes the request through all registered handlers (applies .htaccess directory-level configuration, rewrites a URL, and so on) and returns to nginx a response which contains only a location of the requested file on the file system. nginx locates the file and sends it to the client. If the request is for a dynamic file (like a PHP script), Apache executes the file and sends the response to nginx, which delivers it to the client.
Such combination of two servers gives the following advantages:
The maximum number of concurrent connections to a website increases.
The consumption of server CPU and memory resources decreases.
Efficiency of serving visitors with slow connection speed (GPRS, EDGE, 3G, and so on) improves.

Here is how you enable gzip compression with Nginx 

1. Create the file: /etc/nginx/conf.d/gzip.conf

Enter the following:

gzip on;
gzip_comp_level 9;
gzip_min_length 1400;
gzip_proxied any;
gzip_types  text/plain text/css image/png image/gif image/jpeg application/x-javascript text/xml application/xml application/x
ml+rss text/javascript;
gzip_vary on;
gzip_disable "MSIE [1-6]\.(?!.*SV1)";

Then restart nginx in Plesk Services Management. Note that text/html doesn’t need to be specified with gzip_types (and in fact produces a configuration warning if you try). Once you set gzip on, nginx automatically assumes text/html as a gzip type.

To check : http://www.gidnetwork.com/tools/gzip-test.php

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