How to install cPanel on CentOS

Installation Notes

 A CentOS or Red Hat server that is going to have cPanel installed needs a minimal installation of the operating system. What we tell customers in our ticket system is that, ideally, the server needs to have only yum and SSH installed.

 The cPanel installer will install every service that cPanel configures or controls. Specifically, you need to make sure that the following yum groups are not installed before you install cPanel:


   DNS Name Server
   FTP Server
   GNOME Desktop Environment
   GNOME Software Development
   Java Development
   KDE (K Desktop Environment)
   KDE Software Development
   Mail Server
   MySQL Database
   Web Server
   Windows File Server
   X Software Development
   X Window System

 Remove all of these groups before you start to install cPanel. Each of these groups has at least some possibility of interfering with cPanel. The cPanel installer will install literally everything that cPanel needs, except for SSH and yum. SSH and yum need to be working before you start the cPanel installation.

 Also, make sure that the server has a fully-qualified hostname that is properly set before you start the cPanel installation. localhost, or simply a domain, will not work. The hostname must be fully-qualified, in the format host.domain.tld. is not valid, but is. Also, do not begin the hostname with www. It is important to set the hostname before installing cPanel, or there will be problems that will need to be fixed after the installation.

To begin your installation, use the following commands:


   1. cd /home — Opens the directory /home.
   2. wget -N — Fetches the latest installation file from the cPanel servers.
   3. sh latest — Opens and runs the installation files.
   4. /usr/local/cpanel/cpkeyclt — Activates your license after installation.

Quick Start Installation Guide

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